It’s More Than Demolition:

  • Recognized as one of the top interior demolition contractors in the country.
  • Repurposed, recycled, & donated approximately 1,000,000,000 billion pounds of materials, diverting them from landfills.
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IRS Demo stands as one of the premier interior demolition contractors in the nation, distinguished not only by our work, but by our decision to operate our own recycling facility—a rarity shared by only a select few. Over the past three decades, we have solidified our position as the preferred interior demolition contractor in Southern California, with an impressive portfolio that includes projects like the US Bank Slide and The Jonathan Club along with hospital work, retail., hospitality, and everything in between. When it comes to choosing a demolition partner, IRS Demo is the go-to for ensuring the job is done right. However, our commitment extends beyond demolition alone. At IRS Demo, we take pride in our dedicated recycling and donation program. Over the years, we have successfully diverted nearly 1 billion pounds away from landfills, contributing to a more sustainable environment. Additionally, our philanthropic efforts have led to the donation of more than 12 million pounds of furniture to non-profits on a global scale. Choosing IRS Demo means not only opting for unparalleled demolition expertise but also supporting a company deeply committed to environmental responsibility and community impact.

• 50,000,000+ sq ft of office space demolished → Equal to 46x times than size of Vatican City
• 2x Winner of The Governor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Award

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  • 1B
    Pounds Diverted from Landills
  • 79%
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Waste Management Program
More Than Demolition


All salvaged furniture and fixtures are donated to local nonprofits. Whatever is left behind gets shipped to underdeveloped locations on our dollar. Have no doubt, the commodities coming out of your building won’t go to waste. From furniture to appliances, your trash will be someone else’s treasure.


At Interior Removal Specialist, Waste Management forms are just a part of the services we offer. If your project requires that you fill out Waste Management forms for either City or LEED compliance, and Interior Removal Specialist is doing your hauling, IRS Demo will gladly fill those forms out for you and assist in the tracking of your waste.


We care about our planet as much as we care about your project, which is why we vow to not throw away any recyclable materials. After all, there’s no such place as “away”.  To ensure that construction waste is kept out of landfills, we built our own waste processing facility where we sort hundreds of tons of material every day.

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