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Forty years ago, Carlos Herrera took his first job working for a Los Angeles building owner as an elevator operator. With the knowledge that can only be gained working your way up from such humble beginnings, Carlos has been constructing and deconstructing buildings throughout the greater Los Angeles area ever since. He learned details of every building on every street, and got to know every security guard, janitor, and engineer in every building. Carlos believes in this city, which is why he treats each building as if it were his own.

Today, Carlos is the founder and CEO of IRS Demo. Since our inception more than 25 years ago, IRS has been family owned and operated. We have always put family first, and because of that, our family has grown. We employ and serve hundreds of people and are dedicated to the wellbeing of those we work with. We give back, not just to our clients, but to our communities.

We currently operate out of a 14-acre facility and serve clients from real estate investment trusts to contractors both large and small. With over 25 years of experience, we have proven that no job is too big and no problem is too small. We love what we do, and with the right amount of passion and dedication, anything is possible.

Our Team

The people who call IRS Demo home share the vision and values of our community. (After all, we helped build it.) We strongly believe that the best work is born from good leadership, a sense of community, and respect.

We approach every project with consideration and care and treat your space as if it were our own. All crew members are highly trained and provided with top of the line equipment to ensure that the job gets done as safely and effectively as possible. Each crew member is OSHA trained and is CPR, AED and first aid certified.

We are always hiring talented team members:

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    Carlos Herrera
    CEO and Founder

    Carlos Herrera serves as the CEO and Founder of Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. Born in McFarland, CA and raised in Downtown Los Angeles, Carlos went to work for Westgroup Partners at the age of 18. After quickly rising through the ranks at Westgroup, Mr. Herrera was recognized as a valued manager before moving on to found Interior Removal Specialists in 1994 with only 20 laborers and a single dump truck. Since its inception, Carlos’ work at IRS Demo has been widely recognized as the benchmark upon which all other demolition contractors are measured. The often forgotten side of demolition is the debris it generates. Mr. Herrera has turned the IRS recycling yard into a state certified construction and demolition debris processing facility. It is the first demolition recycling facility to focus exclusively on interior materials, going against the long-held industry-standard of treating all debris the same. Constantly motivated to better his community and believing that recycling alone was not enough, Mr. Herrera and IRS Demo have provided hundreds of charities with thousands of tons of furniture and fixtures removed from job sites. Mr. Herrera’s deep belief in supporting his community has translated not only into supporting local organizations but also in building churches and schools in Mexico with materials salvaged from IRS job sites. He has been an active member in a number of organizations including Homeboy Industries, which named him employer of the year. He has been honored for his work by Jesuit Charities and is the 2020 recipient of the Cardinal’s Award which is the highest recognition of service in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Carlos spends his off hours with his family, enjoying time with his wife, three sons, and six grandchildren.

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    Ron Johnson
    Senior Vice President

    Serving as Senior Vice President, Mr. Johnson is a skilled executive with experience in business development, marketing, and finance. He has successfully applied his multidisciplinary skill set to a variety of different fields. Mr. Johnson holds both a California Department of Real Estate Brokers License and General “B” Contractors License (inactive). Recently he was elected to the BOMA Los Angeles executive board. A native Southern Californian, Mr. Johnson received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from The University of Southern California. Later returning to USC, He received a Masters of Business Administration from The Marshall School of Business. In recognition of his top standing in the graduating class, he was inducted into the business honors society Beta Gamma Sigma. When not at work Ron enjoys the outdoors. He is a competitive triathlete having previously competed in the United States National Championship. He also follows a lifelong passion of sailboat racing and is currently serving as Commodore at the Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club. A strong believer in community and giving back, Ron created the Lacy Park Neighborhood Association in 2010 and has been actively involved in supporting Spiritual Care at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Loyola High School, Jesuit Charities and a long list of nonprofit organizations. Ron and his wife, Heidi, are the proud parents of three sons, Hunter (24), Henry (22) and Ford (18).

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    Vicky Herrera
    Vice President of Operations

    Vicky Herrera joined Interior Removal Specialist in 1998 and has been Vice President of Operations since 2001. During her two-decade tenure at IRS Demo, Vicky has overseen a variety of company initiatives including oversight of the safety programs, human resources and the installation of training protocols. In piloting these initiatives, Vicky has brought all levels of training in-house resulting in improved safety and higher levels of staff satisfaction.

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    Richard Ludt
    Director of Environmental Affairs

    Richard Ludt is the Director of Environmental Affairs at Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. Richard came to the construction industry after a long career in the entertainment industry and has become a recognized expert in the field of recycling construction and demolition debris. Richard is responsible for complying with California’s heavily regulated solid waste ordinances and coordinates the extensive efforts involved for the recycling of the various construction debris obtained from tenant improvement demolition projects, including E-Waste, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, carpeting, and over 221,000,000 pounds of drywall. Richard oversaw the permitting of the IRS construction and demolition processing facility in the City of South Gate and continues to find new markets for the unique debris generated in the commercial interior construction and demolition industries. Richard has held the position of Corporate Director of Recycling and Material Recovery for the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) for the last 12 years, and sits on the Board of the Los Angeles Chapter of the US Green Building Council. When he is not working in the garage on a woodworking project or his new hobby of knife making, Richard and his wife and two children enjoy movies and travel.

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    Ernie Herrera
    Senior Project Manager

    Ernie Herrera currently acts as the Senior Project Manager at IRS Demo. This role serves as his latest step on a journey he started at IRS Demo at the age of 16. From sorting debris in the recycling yard to now managing large scale projects, Ernie has a wide breadth of firsthand experience and understanding of what it takes to see each job through to completion. Over the past two decades he has worked to increase field productivity and championed improved communication between the field, office and clients. Ernie has day to day oversight of the Project Managers and works hand in hand with the estimating and dispatch staff to assure that projects go off without a hitch.

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    Rocky Romero
    Project Manager

    Rocky Romero is a Project Manager at Interior Removal Specialist. After working in both the demolition and general contracting segments, Rocky transitioned back to demotion bringing with him a keen understanding of what clients expect. Since returning to IRS Demo nearly ten years ago, Rocky has led the estimating team with a steady and thoughtful hand while helping the next generation of estimators learn the unique IRS approach to demolition.

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    Candi Suh
    Administrative Financial Operations Manager

    Сandi Suh has worked with Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. for the last 20 years and serves as our Administrative Financial Operations Manager. In this current role, she leads the Company’s Collections and Credit Risk Management Services. With nearly 30 years in the Construction Industry in both General Contracting as well as subcontracting, she possesses a clear understanding of the entire construction and business process. Her positive attitude and dedication to client service has made her a valuable asset for both Interior Removal Specialist, Inc., and its clients. Her management skills have been instrumental in taking on leadership roles to hire, train and mentor company administrative staff. Candi takes a vision and makes it reality through a sound “win-win” approach. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind throughout the Company and brings them together into a coherent whole. She inspires action, while at the same time is grounded in financial acumen. With an in-depth knowledge of operational accounting and cash flow management the result has contributed in the overall growth of the Company while bringing quality and consistency to the Company’s financial operations.

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    Manuel Mendez
    Operations Manager

    Manuel Mendez is the Operations Manager at Interior Removal Specialist. Manuel first came to IRS Demo in 2002 where he worked nights on demolition crews. Manuel’s willingness to assist wherever needed was soon recognized and he was tapped to oversee both Project Management and Dispatch. Mr. Mendez’s experiences both in the field and in the office have provided him with a unique understanding of how departments work together. He has leveraged his departmental and technical knowledge to deploy mission-critical software throughout the organization resulting in increased levels of productivity.

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    Charlie Herrera
    Field Employee Relations Manager

    Charlie Herrera serves as the Field Employee Relations Manager at IRS Demo. Before starting at IRS in 2013, Charlie had a career in the fitness industry. Over the past six years Charlie has taken over the safety program at IRS Demo, turning out a substantial improvement in employee safety and overall satisfaction. Charlie works with vendors and staff alike to implement the latest safety technology available to better serve both IRS Staff and clients.

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    Roy Ludt
    Project Manager

    Roy works as a Project Manager at Interior Removal Specialist, Inc., a position he has earned in his nearly 10 years with the company. After leaving a glazing company where he had been Sales Manager Roy quickly took over the Orange County market for IRS Demo. Roy started at IRS as an estimator and handled existing relationships with property managers, engineers and contractors, as well as forging new relationships that have greatly benefited the company over the years. Roy and the other Project Managers oversee the estimating staff and track projects to completion. They work hand in hand with contactors, buildings, and subcontractors to ensure that projects are finished on time, on budget, and with the quality that people have come to expect from IRS Demo. Roy is an ardent soccer fan and enjoys taking his wife and 2 children to games whenever possible.

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    Maria Vasquez
    Human Resources Manager

    Maria T. Vasquez is the Human Resources Manager at Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. Maria began her human resources career in 1991 and has worked in the manufacturing, distribution, and pharmaceutical industries. She has held progressively responsible positions in Human Resources management throughout her career. Working closely with the Vice President of Operations, Maria has implemented improved HR systems and practices throughout IRS Demo. Her work has translated directly to an improved company culture, marked improvement in the company benefit programs and continuously improving job site safety. Maria is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management and was awarded the Woman at Work Award for Safety.

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