Responsible waste management at IRS Demo is not just a matter of meeting government regulations — 
it’s a matter of living up to our principles.



As one of the premier interior demolition contractors nationwide, IRS Demo doesn’t merely meet standards—we surpass them. While many settle for the required state minimum 65% recycling rate, we proudly achieve a remarkable 79% diversion rate, molding our operations into an unstoppable recycling powerhouse. This commitment has earned us multiple awards from City, State, and International organizations, a clear testament to our relentless dedication to ecological responsibility. But we do not do this for the awards, we do this because we cannot imagine not doing it.

Our conscious decision to do all we can has produced extraordinary results—nearly 1 billion pounds (equivalent to 220,000 Ford F-150s) of materials recycled or diverted, earning us the prestigious Governors Environmental and Economic Leadership Award not just once, but twice! Unlike those who cut corners, we take pride in pushing the envelope. Rigorous sorting of demolition materials ensures that the most toxic elements never find their way to landfills. Our approach goes beyond statistics; how we deconstruct extends the building’s environmental sustainability..

Why settle for the status quo when you can embark on an extraordinary path towards a more sustainable future with IRS Demo? Embrace innovation working with an industry trailblazer and champion of sustainability.

Our unique method of recycling has earned us multiple awards from the following organizations:

Solid Waste Association of North America
California Resource Recovery Association
Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership
California Integrated Waste Management Board
Construction and Demolition Recycling Association
The International Solid Waste Association


At the core of IRS Demo’s mission lies a rock solid commitment to social and environmental stewardship. With a history spanning over three decades, our donation program has been a catalyst for positive change, repurposing over 12 million pounds—equivalent to 27 Statues of Liberty—from demolition projects to support nonprofits globally. Our reach extends from local institutions to international NGOs in Mexico, Haiti, Romania, and beyond, allowing us, through our clients, to impact countless lives. From furnishing classrooms to enhancing shelters and revitalizing community spaces, our donation program recognizes no boundaries.

What distinguishes us is not just the magnitude of our contributions, but the underlying belief that propels them. We operate without the benifit of tax credits or financial gains, consciously prioritizing repurposing over contributing to landfills. As we enter our fourth decade, we invite businesses to reassess their approach to corporate social responsibility. For IRS Demo, demolition is not merely about tearing things down; it is about building up communities and fostering hope for a better, more sustainable future.

Join us in embracing a legacy of giving that surpasses the act of demolition itself. Together, we can build communities, cultivate a brighter tomorrow, and leave a lasting impact.